Services and Messages

16th March

Message from Bishop Robert Atwell | Coronavirus (COVID-19) video

28th March

Rev. Andy Bowden talks about our fears and how we can deal with them.

Family Focus 3rd April

Tristan and Sarah’s interactive talk about Palm Sunday

5th April

Sermon by Andy Farmer for Palm Sunday, Mark ch 11 v 1 – 11, with added hymns.

Palm Sunday Service sheet

19th April

Andy Farmer unpacks the message in John ch 20, about the apostle Thomas at first doubting the resurrection of Jesus, and addreses our own doubts.

Family Focus 19th April

Talk by Tristan and Sarah on how we can believe even though we cannot see Jesus right now…Please see the linked crafts on the Resources page under Family Focus.


26th April

Andy Bowden talks about what faith is, and how to strengthen our faith in these difficult times, based on Matthew ch 11, v 1-12

Family Focus 26th April

Tristan and Sarah talk about building up our faith, based on Hebrews ch11 v 1-3.  Please see the related crafts on our Resources page.

3rd of May

Andy Bowden unlocks the meaning of ‘Church’ for us today…see the linked activities for children, under Resources.

10th May 

Andy Farmer describes four elements of Discipleship relevant to us today.

Family Focus – 10th May

Tristan and Sarah describe what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, with craft pages for our younger members on the Resources page.

17th May

Rev. Andy Bowden discusses the true meaning of happiness, based on Psalm 131 v 1 – 3, Mark 8 v 33 and Romans 8 v 31 –

17th May

Tristan and Sarah explore Contentment, from Psalm 131 v 1 – 3, with all sorts of questions to ponder – and crafts to download on our Resources page!

Family Focus – 24th May

Tristan and Sarah describe what happened just after Ascension, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Jump to the colouring pages on the Resources page.

24th May

Rev. Andy Farmer considers the meaning of ‘witness’, and how we can live our lives as Christian witnesses, referring to Acts 1 v.1-11.

31 May All Age Family Service

Andy Bowden speaks about the promise of Pentecost, and how it was fulfilled in Acts 2.

7th June All Age Service

Andy Bowden, Tristan and Sarah talk about the healing power of Jesus’ name in Acts 3 v 1-16

Family Focus 14th June

Acts 3 v17-26 – What is repentance?

14th June 

Andy Farmer discusses Acts 3 v 17- 26 in relation to Isaiah 53 v 3 – 8, leading us to look deeper into the Bible and share the good news of God’s amazing Grace.

21st June Family Focus

Tristan and Sarah talk about Salvation, as explained in Acts 4 v 1-22, with some fun games and brain teasers!

21 June

Andy discusses Acts Ch 4 v 1 – 22, and the heart of the Christian faith: Salvation through Jesus Christ.


28th June Service

Andy Bowden talks about what happened next – after Peter and John were released from prison on condition they did not speak about Jesus…Acts Ch 4 v 23-31

28th June Family Focus

Tristan and Sarah discuss how the disciples asked for boldness to proclaim the gospel, and the importance of unity (vs.uniformity) in prayer and faith – Acts 4 v 23-31.

5 July All Age Service

Andy Bowden talks about the story of Jonah and how he tried to run away from God – please see the wonderful pages of crafts, colourings and a teasing word search in our Resources section!

12 July Family Focus

Tristan and Sarah discuss and act out Jonah 2, focussing on how God hears our prayers and is always gracious and merciful as we repent.

12 July Andy Farmer service

Andy considers how God loves us: so much that he never gives up on us, but saves us when we turn to him as Jonah does in his distress.

19 July Family Focus

Tristan and Sarah explain how God is both merciful and just, with reference to Jonah 3…please see the crafts on our Resources page!

19 July Andy Bowden Service

Andy Bowden explains that though Jonah proclaims that condemnation will come to the Ninevites, God provides his solution of mercy when they repent – a wonderful solution to proclaim to all!

26 July Family Focus

Tristan and Sarah recount the final chapter of Jonah’s book, and how he misunderstands God’s mercy and compassion – please see the craft pages in our Resources section.

26 July Andy Farmer Service

Andy talks about seeing and understanding things from another’s perspective, particularly God’s perspective, in the context of Jonah 4.

2 August Andy Bowden ‘One Another’ sermon (Vicarage recorded).

Andy begins a new series ‘One Another’ and speaks about Jesus’s commandment to Love one Another, and what it means to us.

2 August Andy Bowden Whole service in St.Andrew’s church.

09 August Andy Farmer Sermon – Part 2 of ‘One Another’ series: ‘Serve’ 

Recorded at home, Andy Farmer unpacks the meaning of ‘serving with humility’, focussing on Romans 12 v 3-6, and Philippians 2 v.1-4. 

16 August

Andy vividly explains what is meant by being ‘United with One Another’, the 3rd in the Summer Sermons series…have a listen!

16 August Andy Bowden Whole service in St.Andrew’s church, on ‘Unity’, part 3 of the ‘One Another’ series. Reading from 1 Corinthians Ch 1, 10 – 17.

23 August

Sermon by Tristan, on being an Encouraging Church family – part 4 of the ‘One Another’ series.

Whole service recording of our ‘One Another’ series, part 4. Tristan develops the theme of Encouragement for the whole church.

30 August Andy Bowden on ‘Pray’, part 5 of the ‘One Another’ series. Pray for one another as Paul prayed for the Ephesians in chapter 1.

30 August

Whole church service of ‘Pray for one Another’, and Tristan and Sarah’s farewell…

6 September

Andy Bowden gives us a rather different introduction to the book of Exodus…

6 September

Whole church service, where Andy Bowden introduces the book of Exodus, showing us that our God saves!

13 September

Andy Farmer explores Exodus 1:15 to 2:22, and shows how God’s grace really is His strength in our weakness, if we will accept it.


13 September

Whole church service, where Andy Farmer opens up the second part of our series on Exodus: God’s power being expressed in human weakness.


20 September

A call in the Wild – Peter Harlow takes us through Exodus Part 3, and how Moses changes…

20 September

 Whole Church service, with Peter Harlow taking us through Part 3 of our series on Exodus: A Call in the Wild, describing the changes Moses went through to accept God’s calling.


27 September

Exodus Part 4, recorded at the Vicarage. Andy explains how self-centered excuses finally give way to selfless obedience.

27 September

Exodus Part 4 – Excuses, excuses! Andy shows just how relevant these conversations between Moses and God are to us today