Console removed to workshop

The bellows which are ok, but will have to be re-leathered one day

Old system of key switching on pedal board

The old electric mechanical key switching

A maze of wind trunking to be sorted!

A difficult place to reach the parts for maintenance

Now you see the great loaded soundboard!

The mounted trumpet pipes

Organ Restoration

The Organ Restoration is Underway!

After much planning the restoration of the church organ is now underway, we have been able to kick start this project with a generous bequest but we still need to raise funds to complete the whole of the project So in great faith we have undertaken to do the majority of the work now. This will save taking the organ out of use and removing parts again in order to complete the work needed at a later stage, this would have added to the overall cost!

The innards of the organ are being changed from electro-mechanical to digital, this slims down the components but they may also be easier to replace and should last longer, as there are no moving parts, however we can be well pleased with the previous organ rebuild dating back to 1950’s which then were fitted with parts similar to the PBX systems which were to be found in every telephone exchange!

As a result the renovated organ will give greater reliability over time the organist will find that they can play the full range of the organ and without the risk of an off note or indeed a no note. We had a bequest in the 1980’s which added more capability to the organ with a new trumpet section. When the work is complete we will have a fully renovated organ which will take us hopefully to well beyond 2030! However like most instruments it will need tuning from time to time, which is one reason why humidity and background temperature within the church will need to be carefully monitored.

You will note from the pictures from the top of this page the degree of work needed just to disassemble the organ, the putting together again will begin after the electricians have put in a new wiring loom and we hope that it will be complete by Easter, so watch this page.