Lent Course

Lent Programme 2018

The programme for the Lent course for 2018 will be based around: The Book “Life Balance”, available now in St Andrew’s Church.

Reuben writes: The course is following the Lent Book, ‘Life Balance’ by Robert Warren and Sue Mayfield. Our church community has many who are living increasingly hectic lives and so it felt right to Graham and I to spend some time over Lent praying and studying God’s word together with respect to how we can order our lives to honour God and thus also receive his blessing for our lives and families. We have plenty of copies of the work book, and these can be found at the back of both churches. If you can pay £5.00, please pass this to Graham, but whatever is manageable.

Ash Wednesday will be in the church building (as will be Maundy Thursday at the end of the course). That leaves five weeks of Tuesdays in the Chapel.


The format of the sessions is:

Welcome & Feedback, Group Exercise, 15 min Talk, Discussion, Suggestions, Meditation.

There will be refreshments served at the beginning, and the evening will include worship.

There will also be refreshments served after the Ash Wednesday service in church on February 14.

Valentine’s Day Ash Wednesday! 14th February: Philip Tuckett.  7.30pm in church.

20th February: Time to Pause: Mark and/or Angela Smith. 7.30pm in Buckland Chapel.

27th February: Time to Celebrate: Pippa Brown. 7.30pm in Buckland Chapel.

6th March: Time to Rest: Andy Farmer. 7.30pm in Buckland Chapel.

13th March: Time to Play: Reuben Crossley. 7.30pm in Buckland Chapel.

20th March: Time to Liberate: Peter Harlow. 7.30pm in Buckland Chapel.

29th March: Maundy Thursday. Holy Communion in church at 7.30pm. Remembering the Last Supper before Jesus’ betrayal.

To give uniformity and rhythm, I, Reuben, will be leading each of the elements each week except for the 15 min talk.  

I have loved the Lent Courses over the years and we are praying that this one will be another time to draw closer to God and each other in the name of Christ…come Holy Spirit!

We will incorporate worship into these evenings.

Refreshments will also be provided by our home groups.