Church of the Holy Spirit, Milton Combe

The Church at Milton Combe was built in 1878, and is an extension of Christian ministry from the parent church at Buckland Monachorum.

It is designated the Church of the Holy Spirit. It has a simple design, and through the care of regular worshippers is well-maintained, and has a warm and welcoming appearance. Marriages have to be by special license. Since the church was built there have only been four weddings; the first in 1995 and last in 2010, to general delight.

Milton Combe is a small hamlet, located at the bottom of a valley which cuts down to the left a short distance beyond Buckland Abbey. Passing through the valley takes you down to the beautiful area of Maristow and Lopwell, tucked in by the River Tavy.

There is a weekly service at Milton Combe. The ministry is based on the Bible, but is set in a more traditional context. Hymns are sung from the Ancient and Modern hymn book, and from the more contemporary Mission Praise.

The pattern of services is as follows:

1st Sunday:

9:15am. Holy Communion by Extension from Rt. A ASB

{this service is taken by one of our Lay Readers}

2nd Sunday:

9.15am. Holy Communion from Rt. A ASB

3rd Sunday:

9.15am. Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer.

4th Sunday:

9.15am. Holy Communion from Rt. A ASB

5th Sunday:

9.15am. Matins

Milton Combe provides a friendly and homely environment for worship.