Church Giving

Burrator Reservoir, with its scenic beauty and surrounding tors attracts many visitors.

Historically it was Drake’s Leat which channelled water from the moor towards Plymouth to provide for the needs of its residents.

The reservoir is a good representation of the grace of God, an abundant supply from a bountiful God, which is made available to us, through faith in his Son Jesus Christ.

We are then called to become conduits of this grace to refresh the lives of others, passing on all that we have freely received in order to draw others into the love and forgiveness of God.

Each of us is called within the Christian family to offer back all that we are and all that we have to God.

We owe him an unrepayable debt of gratitude for meeting us in his Son, Jesus Christ, and for rewarding us with eternal life when we were utterly undeserving.

Our giving as a church is a summons to respond worthily to the measure and depth of the reservoir of the grace of God.

Our intentions as a church are to give generously to the school and Buckland Chapel;

  • to undergird the training of Reuben Crossley in his progression towards ordination;
  • to support our mission partners, Matt and Becki Dillingham with MAF, and Rob and Hilary McKenzie in Zimbabwe;
  • to contribute towards Tristan Coulshaw at All Nations Bible College, and to be mindful of his needs;
  • to invite Egyptian believers to join us each Summer, and to cover air fares and expenses;
  • to remain mindful of the suffering church, and take up special collections on behalf of persecuted believers through Open Doors.