Audio Visual Team

There are two rotas, one for the sound desk and one for digital projection.

Sound entails setting up the PA for the Worship Team, balancing the sound from the various contributors and then ensuring the sound levels are acceptable throughout the service. There are radio mics for the lectern and the speaker plus a stand mic at the back of church for those leading the prayers. We have put in place further radio microphones and plan for more this will continue to make our sound coverage as flexible as possible. On the task training will be given by offering you to shadow an operative for a week or so until you feel sufficiently confident to go ‘solo’

Please speak to Terry West if you would like to be part of this ministry.

Projectionist entails setting up for the service by ensuring that the monitors are on and not covered, The back projector is turned on and the screen is deployed.

At the business end there is a space on the front pew to plug in the church laptop which drives the whole thing with PowerPoint being the main presenter. The format of the PowerPoint is provided for you. Therefore as the Power point is ready to run you just have to tap the advance key between the slides at the appropriate moment.

You can shadow an operative for a week or more until you feel ready to take on this task.

Here are some guidelines as to what is required:

  • The projectionist is asked to run a notice presentation before and after the service.
  • During the service the hymns, choruses an liturgy is presented via a PowerPoint display.
  • Presenter mode is used so that the operator can see up and coming slides and can make changes if the worship leaders decides to repeat a verse or chorus.

Please speak to Terry West if you would like to join this ministry