Prayer Ministry

Before Services
Prayer for the coming service occurs in the Drake Chapel from 10:00 am. An opportunity to pray for the service and for seeking to hear particular messages that God may have for individuals or groups of people within the congregation.

During Services
Prayers are said as part of the service and intercessory prayers are lead by members of the congregation. We are all asked to listen for God speaking to us and to those around us. If God does give you a word or picture to share, please do so when Andy or the service leader asks for your contribution. Write a note if you don’t want to say it out load.

After Services 
Our prayer team are available to pray with people after every morning service at St. Andrew’s. From time to time, we also hold evening services that include anointing with oil and prayer for healing.

If you have a need and would like us to pray with you, please approach a member of the prayer team after any service. They will gladly help you bring any issue to the loving God who wants to carry your burden.

If you would like our prayer team to pray for you, chat to Bronia Coulshaw or alternatively, you can use our on-line Contact Us link…

Tell us how we can help and we’ll be very happy to support you through prayer. Don’t forget that we can also provide other kinds of support, so please feel free to ask….

Within the prayer team we have members trained in Christian listening by the Acorn Christian Trust. They are available to offer a supportive and sympathetic ear, although this is a listening, rather than counselling ministry.