Home Groups

Find out about a Home Group near you 

We meet weekly in small groups, usually 5-10 people in each. They are a way to get to know a few people better, enjoy fellowship, and, most importantly, encourage and support each other through the specifics of our day to day lives.

Meetings usually include some time hearing from God. This may be in Bible study or in discussing a Bible talk from written or DVD course material. Time to pray for each other is the other important aspect.

Many people find this weekly time a valuable way to refocus on God and apply His truths to our daily lives. It is also a marvellous way to see Him at work in and through our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We strongly encourage you to join a group. If you’re interested, please let David Waine know (djwaine@doctors.org.uk, 01822 819747). He can point you in the direction of a homegroup leader, depending on what times you are free and what sort of format you’d prefer.

There are home groups spread throughout the Parish most meet in the evenings but there are also day time home groups.