Men’s Breakfast

Men’s Breakfasts

This is an opportunity for the men of the church to come together and share a meal, it also presents an opportunity to invite friends and work colleagues to come and share some time meeting with other members of this group.

The Breakfasts are organised by Mark Smith and the group usually meets around every 4-6 weeks depending on the season of the year. Venues have varied over time but the majority of these have been at the Abigail’s Tearooms and the general start time is 8am.

Breakfast which usually consists of a full English usually gets the session off to a good start. Following breakfast we have a guest speaker who gives a testimony of an episode in their Christian experience. The gathering normally disperses around 10am leaving the rest of the day for ‘man chores!’

There are other opportunities for men to meet together informally Phil Pearson run’s a group for men at Abbey Chapel once every month again with a meal, this meal is prepared by his friends wife and the men subsidise the ingredients around £5. Again topical interest subject matter follows usually centred on Christian experiences and is a time of affirming our faith through the experience of others, Ross Mitchell has spoken at this gathering and he chose the theme of ‘discipleship.’

Food for Thought

Martin Watts co-ordinates these meetings which are quarterly again speakers are arranged and it is an opportunity to spend time talking over a meal followed up by listening to a guest speaker and again the theme is about our walk together as Christians. This is a much wider group and takes and is open to all within the Tavistock area. This is an Evening venue meal and is usually based at the Tavistock Golf Club.

All of these groups can be accessed through Ross Mitchell for the present and if you are interested he will arrange for you to be ‘Carbon Copied’ into all events which are taking place which have been described here. In the first instances however we would love to see you at Men’s Breakfast, so watch out for the church notices or contact Ross direct so that he can add you to his mailing list.