Christmas Carol Service

This is an annual event and is attended by all ages and at all stages of musicianship, but the principal requirement is the ‘joy of singing’.

Rehearsals for the Carole service usually begin at half term of the autumn. This becomes part of the rehearsal season for this event but also is an extended time of fellowship between all the members of ‘the scratch choir’ who volunteer their services for this event. We have worship groups within the church but  we do not have a standing choir as such so therefore this is a good opportunity to participate because for most of those which take part we all start from the same level playing field, we all come to rehearsal on the basis that we want to ‘sing!’

Pippa and Robin Brown help to mould us together as a scratch choir into a body which gives after some work a very spirited lead to the Carol Service each year. As Robin has now entered training for the Ministry and Pippa is supporting him they are standing away from direct involvement for these two Festivals after Easter 2019, they will therefore be missed by all. We are however very fortunate to have a big worship team and we are looking to them to use the format of engaging as many as want to make a contribution to the Carol Service for 2019, so let’s see who takes up the baton for us.