Volunteers Please

The church at St Andrews is privileged to have so many of the church family who give their time throughout the week as well as on supporting church services on a Sunday.

Therefore we will need from time to time need to recruit more of the church family to sustain the support that is currently undertaken. Currently we have teams who look after a number of areas including the following:-

Sides persons, those in this team are placed on a rota for duties as a sides person you would be with up to 3 in attendance at services on a Sunday and for larger services we may require a larger team. The main function of a sides person is to meet and greet all that come into church, assist people to find places in which to sit, assist with ushering the congregation up to communion, clearing the pews and crèche area after the service and helping to count up and record the plate collection which is normally taken at some time within the service.

Refreshment Team, there are usually at least 2 working on refreshments which are organised and served from the small kitchen at the West End of the church, on some occasions we serve refreshments at the start before the service begins. There is a rota for this also and the more that are prepared to give this service, the fewer occasions each has to commit time to undertake it.

AVA Team, we have a team here for setting up the sound system before a service begins, operating the sound desk during the service and then closing down and putting any portable equipment away. There is also a need for projection team who also have more limited setting up to do as their main task is to operate the laptop computer and keep the PowerPoint presentation in harmony with the services as it progresses.

Prayer Teams, these again are on a rota and are available for pastoral work and supportive private prayer after the service, they generally meet with those who require prayer in the small side chapel.

Worship Team, Pippa Brown co-ordinates the worship team which is also on a rota basis each team leader requests assistance when it is their turn to lead from a growing team of volunteers, so if you can sing and or play an instrument please make this known to Pippa Brown as singers are always welcomed for other occasions also including important festivals and weddings.

Bookshop Team, Cally Barnes at present runs the book shop which is usually open each Sunday after the main service in the morning, there is also a free lending library

Flower Team, this is dedicate band of the church family who are largely unseen in their task, but on church service days we can plainly see the fruit of their labours.

Youth and Children with Messy Church teams, this again is largely unseen but the children and youth church have their own meeting within St Andrews School on a Sunday morning and there is an open Messy Church which meets regularly throughout the year and their dates are displayed within and outside of the church, they also regularly advertise that they would need help from the church family and would welcome any who would wish to volunteer their services , which would be subject to CRB checks.

Sacristans, this again is a small but very dedicated band of church family members and their work is largely unseen as they prepare the tables and vestments for communion, change the altar cloths for the two communion points, change the main sanctuary frontals, according to the church season and light and extinguish the candles in the sanctuary.

Call to arms Bob Barnes and David Oliver our church wardens will from time to time call upon the church family to assist in all manner of ‘additional duties’ either assisting within the church but sometimes also assisting with community events on these occasions one volunteer is worth 5 pressed men!

Nothing therefore functions without a much needed hand and a spirit of service to keep the church equipped in all areas to serve both the church family and the community in which it serves.