Church Rotas

DateSidepersonsSoundProjectorPrayer TeamsRefreshment TeamFlowers
4th JuneArchy Dobson, Richard Goodfellow Terry KeaneDavid WaineBill HouldsworthPhilip Tuckett,
Liz Middlebrook,
Archy & Snoo Dobson
Penny Taylor &/or Juliette WhitfieldRachel Young
11th JuneRosemrey Bancroft, Keith Topham &Christine CotterSimon HallDavid WaineArchy & Snoo Dobson, Margie GoodfellowBob & Cally BarnesChristine Cotter
18th JuneJoe Smart, Frayne Coulshaw & Richard MabeyDavid OliverDavid LearJane Lear, Rosemrey Bancroft, Pete & Rachel TozerThe Crossley familyChristine Cotter
25th JuneDavid OliverPeter HarlowTo be advisedRosemrey Bancroft



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